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Hi! Im Natalie and this is my website. Here you will find up coming classes and events, as well as healing news and an overview of my services. Thank you for stopping by.


About Me

I was born in Monterey, California and have resided in the area for the better part of my life.  My initial experiences with the supernatural occurred when I was three years old.  Some of the experiences were frightening because I was young and was unaware of exactly what to make of what I was seeing and feeling.   Through my life I found myself drawn to many homes and places that either needed healing or souls who needed help.  After many years of deliberating I decided to utilize my natural abilities to help others.  Looking back, I know that I experienced everything I did for this reason.  The ability to connect with the souls of the dead and facilitate a conversation with a loved one is a blessing.  I also know firsthand what it is to live in a place where unexplained occurrences with the unseen can overwhelm and frighten you and your family beyond belief.  I also know what it is to feel desperate for help, trapped in a situation you don’t feel that you have any control over and not know who you can call for help.  Learning to connect with the angels and my guides helped me tremendously.  Now I can extend my experience and compassion to others through healing work and house blessings.  I approach the work from a place of compassion for the living as well as the dead. It’s my greatest desire to take your mind and home out of the clutches of fear and put love and peace in its place.   Everyone deserves peace of mind as well as a sense of empowerment and safety within their home.  As a wife and mother myself I know that the greatest gift one can give is a safe home where you are free to be at peace.  I am blessed to have such a calling and it is my greatest desire to help others through sessions as well as teaching them how to connect with their angels and guides so that they too can live in the driver’s seat of their lives guided by their intuition in peace and harmony.